Peers Voice

You can judge a man's character by the company he keeps". Though Napoleon towers over his friends by over a foot, still he is loved by one on all.


இயக்குனர் பி. வாசு

Mr. S.Jayavel

Mr. S.Jayavel

Napoleon Duraisamy, I have immense pleasure and pride in just saying today I have been recognized much more than what I was, because I am allied with this aggressive personality, Napoleon.

I have never ever come across such an appealing person like Napoleon as of now, who always render help for others than act or think for himself first. He is an anxious person who even requests and begs the concerned person to deliver the obligation for the dependent. Though he looks magnified with his 6 ft + tall, he is so innocent, truly childish and helpful in his behaviour.


Kavignar Arivumathi

Family Member Voice

Napoleon is a very simple and honest person. He likes to help all and takes care of all his people who look at him for any help. He is a Man who looks ahead and is a visionary.
Mr.Suresh Periasamy