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Napoleon has a close knit and highly networked family. And he is the most treasured amongst his near and dear one’s. Let’s hear what they have got to say about him.

Mrs. Jayasudha Napoleon talks about her husband

Mrs. Jayasudha Napoleon talks about her husband

My husband is a very emotional person. I always give my fullest support and encourage him. He allows me to take decisions during the hardest times and he follows it too.

I always share my suggestions/ feedback after his every film and he is very open to listen and improve himself. He is quite humble that way.

Another thing that most of his friends will vouch for is that he is a very helpful person; where his friends are concerned he is truly a friend in need. He goes out of his way to help people, regardless of what he will get from them.

Another thing that many people probably won’t know about him is that though he plays a villain so often, he is an extremely God fearing person!

-Mrs. Jayasudha Napoleon

Mr.Suresh Periasami


Napoleon is a very simple and honest person. He likes to help everybody and takes care of all who look to him for help. He is a man who looks ahead and is a visionary. His business acumen is great and he will surely be a global business tycoon in the years to come. His success is in believing in his employees and sharing his thoughts with his employees. I have enjoyed working with him and look forward to support him in all his ventures.

As a family person, he takes care of his family well. He is a very approachable and understanding person. He makes sure he spends quality time with his family and believes in family get togethers at regular intervals. Overall, a great personality and it has been a pleasure to be associated with him for the last 14 years.

-Mr.Suresh Periasami {CEO- Jeevan IT Academy}


Ramkumar J

In the year 1990, we young guys were playing on the street of our village. Suddenly, the six foot stalwart named Kumaresan came to us saying "Hey guys, I am going to act in a movie," and he proceeded to show us the photographs of him with various get –ups. We were all thrilled when we saw those snaps, particularly that of the old man Shankaralingam for his first movie "Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Nathu." More than 200 people from our village gathered at the cinema theatre to see him on a screen on the first day of his first movie. It was a memorable moment and there was great excitement amongst us.

As a person he is a giver, go getter, solution provider and above all, a humanitarian.

-Mr.Ramkumar.J {Jeevan Technologies India Pvt Ltd}

Family Member Voice

Napoleon is a very simple and honest person. He likes to help all and takes care of all his people who look at him for any help. He is a Man who looks ahead and is a visionary.
Mr.Suresh Periasamy