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Leisure Pursuits

Napoleon firmly believes that 'A moment wasted is a moment lost'. Every free moment of his is filled with fruitful activities, making him the multifaceted and talented personality that he is today!

Chairman of Tamilnadu Basketball Association

Not many people know that basketball has always been a passion with Napoleon. All through his school days, Napoleon excelled in sports and won many laurels for his school.

He is a divisional level athlete in Decathlon and has also won many awards in Basket ball tournaments at the University level. In April 2008, he was unanimously elected to the prestigious post of Chairman for Tamilnadu True Basket Ball Association.

Says one member, “Being a player himself, Napoleon really appreciates the game. We know that with his dynamism, he will infuse life into the federation once again.”

As a Photographer

Napoleon’s tryst with the reel world doesn’t stop with acting. He is also an ace photographer and an avid traveller. Having toured over 47 countries, Napoleon has never had to run short for inspiration or subjects!

He specialises in taking still shots of nature. In fact, his passion for photography stems from his keen love for nature and his desire to capture beautiful moments.

Family Member Voice

Napoleon is a very simple and honest person. He likes to help all and takes care of all his people who look at him for any help. He is a Man who looks ahead and is a visionary.
Mr.Suresh Periasamy