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Best known as a versatile actor, Kumaresan also known as Napoleon entered the Tamil film industry in 1991. His first film “Pudhu Nellu Puddhu Nathu” directed by Bharathi Raja gave him ample scope to showcase his acting abilities. After all, not every 27 year old can play the part of a 60 year old man with panache!

It was director Bharathi Raja who gave Napoleon his first break. Inspired by the movie “Udhayam” which he had recently watched, Napoleon approached the director and spoke to him about his eagerness to act. Touched by his earnest nature, Bharathi Raja asked him if he knew anything about acting. Pat came the candid reply, “No.”

Pleased with his unassuming nature, Bharathi Raja asked him to dress up as an old man. His appearance was so striking that he immediately bagged the role.

With his entry into films, Napoleon also gave up his real name—Kumaresan, opting instead to be named after the legendary French statesman known for his courage and valour.

With “Seevalaperi Pandi”, released in 1994, Napoleon’s career touched a new high; catapulting him into the league of seasoned actors and earning him the title of “Maaveeran.”

Napoleon believes that great acting skills alone cannot make or break an actor. “Many newcomers in the film industry compromise their character to get a great role, but such success is only short lived. Eventually, people will see through you,” he says. “Integrity and sound character are essential attributes and people will always respect you for that.”

Napoleon’s favourite role till date is that of Mustafa where he plays a goon who mends his ways. The movie hinges around the character of Mustafa. In his usual provocative style, Napoleon brought layers of depth to the character. His performance was so exemplary that the movie inspired a Hindi remake.

His favourite dialogue however is from Puthu Nellu Puthu Nathu where on he says, “En veetu uppa thinnu valandha kaiyee, enaikku kumudu pottai palagina kaiyee, enaikku kanaku ezhuthi ezhuthi tenji pona kaiyee, ennum oruthanai nan vetta viduvena.” (Hands that ate the food cooked at my home, Hands that folded with respect in my presence, Hands that got eroded doing my accounts, how can I let someone else cut off those hands?)

Known for his selective nature, Napoleon chooses his roles very carefully, preferring to be associated with quality over quantity. Napoleon’s USP is his uncanny ability to bring a different dimension and add depth to the characters that he portrays.

Napoleon has also acted in a few T.V. serials like “Kandha Puranam” and “Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam,” in the early 90’s. More recently in 2008, he won critical acclaim for his performance in “Thekkathi Ponnu.”

Family Member Voice

Napoleon is a very simple and honest person. He likes to help all and takes care of all his people who look at him for any help. He is a Man who looks ahead and is a visionary.
Mr.Suresh Periasamy